Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association Fundraiser

Hello, friends! We’re excited to announce that our Candles for a Cause program is once again partnering with the Australian Cattle Dog Association (ACDRA)! We at Shining Sol Candle Company were overjoyed that with your help last year we were able to raise thousands of dollars for the ACDRA! To celebrate what is now an annual fundraising event, we and the ACDRA have created two brand-new limited-edition candles for you. These amazing candles, “High Tide & Pawsitive Vibes” and “Adventurous ACD,” will only be available through April 30th. And after all sales are counted, thirty percent (30%) of profits from each candle purchased will be sent directly to the ACDRA to help save cattle dogs in need! The more candles you buy, the more cattle dogs we can save together! Ask any Shining Sol warehouse associate; we all feel the same way about candles AND dogs… one is never enough.

Fundraiser orders will ship directly to you; shipping cost(s) will be included in your shopping cart during checkout. Our beloved “shop dog,” Boba, is not only an Australian Cattle Dog, he’s a highly trained service dog and will be helping to pack a lot of the orders! If your furry family members have social media accounts, please mention the account name(s) and platform in the note during checkout. Boba will try to tag as many fur friends as possible as he packs orders. Make sure to tag us on Instagram when you receive your candle and we’ll share your photos! Boba can be found here: @bobatheblueheeler

Thank you for your support!
ADCRA, Boba & Shining Sol



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  • 100% Eco-Friendly Soy (say goodbye to nasty toxins and black soot stained walls/ceilings/air vents!).
  • Wood wicks that crackle when they burn, and also burn all the way across your candle (no more wasted wax!).
  • Hand crafted in our hometown of Manassas, Virginia store in Historic Downtown Manassas.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Supports small business.