Hoodies, Halloween and Holiday – Oh My!

All the Things

Wow we have a lot of things to discuss today candle fam! We created a blog post to make sure we cover everything and provide easy links to the goodies – whew! Let’s get right to the news!

Halloween blowout! We have limited quantities of Halloween goodies at some amazing prices so if you love those spooky scents – grab them while you can at a massive discount: https://shiningsol.com/product-category/halloween/

Zipped Hoodie / Pullover Hoodie pre-order! We will more than likely only be ordering what is pre-ordered so if you are one of the 2,337 people that have given us a hard time about those hoodies returning, now is your chance! We will be ordering these in 2 weeks. We are also offering a few different color options this time around – zipped hoodies come in black, charcoal and burgundy and pullover hoodies are available in black, charcoal, burgundy and PINK (by lots of requests!). Get those hoodie pre-orders in friends!

Slouch Beanies! You asked, we heard you. We had tight fitting beanies a couple years ago and everyone loved them but they also wanted a slouch beanie option – well, pre-orders have started! Same as with hoodies in that we may only order what’s pre-ordered so get those beanie orders in so you don’t miss out!

Reed Diffusers! We now have reed diffusers with six different scent options: Apple Harvest, Coconut & Sandalwood, Lemon Ginger Spice, Citrus & Sage, Lavender Vanilla and Teakwood. These 4oz. diffusers come in a classy rectangular glass vessel and we include 8 reeds with your purchase. Give them a try, they’re great for tableside and smaller spaces.

Holiday Collection now available! Well, the holidays are upon us – crazy right?! You now have a complete selection of fall candles or holiday candles at your fingertips, as well as wax melts of course. We also launched the pre-order for our insanely popular Krampus candle!

Manassas 5th Anniversary Large CandleNew goodies! We have a lot of new goodies we’ve been offering to compliment our candles and we’re glad so many of you have purchased and enjoyed these. Everything from scented therapy dough, portable bonfires to an AMAZING tasting coconut rum cake (you HAVE to try this…). And don’t forget our 5th Anniversary Manassas candle available for a limited time only! Watch for many more goodies in the coming months both online and in our retail locations.

Our new SMS list! You will want to be on this list, well, unless you do NOT like exclusive deals, exclusive announcements, early bird access… our new SMS list is something we will be putting a lot of priority into the rest of the year and into 2022. Please consider joining us there – let’s connect!

Lemon Ginger Spice - Wax MeltLemon Ginger Spice. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is our brand new scent Lemon Ginger Spice. We will be sending out announcements about this new scent soon but we wanted to include it here before the official announcement. It is AMAZING, read all about it. Consider yourself an candle early bird!

Oh, one more thing! We have added several new payment options including being able to make your purchase with 4 interest free payments via AfterPay. In addition to AfterPay, you will see the option to pay with Venmo and Apple Pay (on mobile) in addition to our normal credit card and Paypal options. We announced quite a bit of products today which might add up if you want them all – so it may be a perfect opportunity to try AfterPay!

Thank you for your continued support and there is soooo much more to come – we can’t wait to share!

~ Deron & Pete

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