Mesmerized Soy Candle Commercial

Mesmerized Commercial

Shining Sol Candle Company is proud to announce our brand new commercial! This one was a bit special to our very own founder Pete Evick. He had this to say:

Everybody please check out the first of what we hope to be a series of funny little web commercials (you’ll get the theme).

This clip is incredibly special to me. First off, an incredible special thanks to Norman Voss and Frank P. Brennan for the time and effort and for quickly understanding my vision. These guys work fast like I do. I hope to do all kinds of things with them in the future. Next, I’d like to thank Becci Clark Badillo and Kara Davis for always being willing to lend their talents to my ideas.

Of course, I would like to thank Deron BlevinsSara RodriguezElizabeth CooperJennifer Blevins and Tina Lu for their support and belief (or just giving me a thumbs up to shut me up).

Super special thanks to Jirani Coffeehouse (Ken Moorman and Detra A. Moorman are awesome people!) for letting us film parts in your amazing shop during business hours, and everybody in Old Town Manassas, and Historic Manassas, Inc. for welcoming us and letting us push the boundaries just a little bit (give me the ok and I’ll push a lot harder…).

But, the most important thing about this little clip, is that the entire thing was edited and sequenced by my 14 year old son, Gavin Evick. He is aspiring to have a career in film making and Tina and I are doing our best to provide him with the tools and inspiration to be great, as is his mother Kristen Johns and the rest of his family. We gave him the raw and not great footage but every cut, edit, sound effect, filter, and transition were all him. It was amazing to me watching him work till 4 am the first night. He was like a mad scientist, like I am with Protools. It was even more awesome listening to him tell me what I could have done better as far as being the director.

I hope you guys all see the fun and humor in this. I don’t ask people to share very often, but if you don’t mind, I’d love for Gavin to see his work get a bunch of views 

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